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The Bouldering Series

Assemble a team of four climbers, pull down on fresh boulders weekly, and tally your scores in KAYA. The top six teams, plus one wildcard team, will be invited to the Onsight Finals on August 24th. Each competitor on the winning team will take home a trophy and prize pack. Plus, your team’s name will be enshrined on the Bouldering Series Champion plaque. Register by July 10th! We’ll send you a link to the KAYA challenge before the series begins.

The competition will take place at both gyms, starting at the Power Plant, and alternating locations each week. While you do not have to climb at both gyms, doing so will help you accumulate more points for your team.

July 15 – August 18

Finals: August 24 at the Steel Shop

Open to All Experience Levels

$43 per Competitor

T-Shirt Included

+$56 Membership Add-on

July 10 – August 24

Register Now

How do I register?

  • Registration runs until 11:59 p.m. on July 10.
  • The entry fee is $43 per competitor. Not a member? Purchase the $56 prepaid membership add-on to compete in the Series. Membership starts July 10, ends August 24, and does not include gear.
  • Register online or at the Welcome Desk. After registering, you will receive a link to join the KAYA challenge.
  • Register with a team name or as a free agent. We will assign free agents to a team before the competition starts based on the sign-up order. Free agents are not guaranteed placement on a team.
  • Register with your max grade. You should base your max grade on the hardest grade you can climb within 3-5 attempts (or within one climbing session), NOT the hardest boulder you have ever sent.
  • Day pass users may participate, but you must pay for a day pass each visit, as usual.
  • Commemorative t-shirt included.

What is the format?

  • The Series occurs at both the Power Plant and Steel Shop, alternating locations each week, beginning at the Power Plant.
  • The competition uses relative scoring. Points for each climb are assigned based on your max grade reported during registration:
    • You will earn 100 points for sending your max grade.
    • You will earn an additional 10 points for sending a grade above your maximum.
    • You will earn 20 fewer points for a grade below your maximum.
  • You should select your max grade based on the hardest bouldering grade you can typically climb in 3-5 attempts (or within one climbing session), NOT the hardest boulder you have ever sent.

How is it scored?

  • The competition uses relative scoring. Points are assigned based on your max grade reported during registration. You earn 100 points for sending your max grade, +10 points for a grade above, and -20 points for a grade below.
  • You must upload a video when you log your send to receive points.
  • Your top five sends will count toward your team’s cumulative score each week.
  • The individual leaderboard will be live on KAYA. Climb So iLL will manually calculate team scores and post weekly team leaderboards.
  • The top teams (TBD dependent on sign-ups) will be invited to compete in the Onsight Finals on August 24.

Did you make it to finals?

  • The top six teams, plus one wildcard team drawn randomly the prior week, will compete in a finals event on August 24.
  • The finals are in an onsight format. You will not see anyone climb the problem before attempting it yourself. Before the event, you will enter an isolation area to ensure you cannot watch other climbers.
  • There will be four total boulders. Each team member will climb only one problem. If a climber finishes their boulder before time ends, they may assist their teammates with coaching as they climb.
  • Your team will have a four-minute preview period to review all the boulders and decide who will climb each problem before moving into isolation.
  • You will be scored based on the highest hold reached. Your team’s score will be determined by the sum of all team members’ scores on the final boulders. Ties will be broken by the total number of each team’s attempts.
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