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Register for the 2023 So iLL Throwdown

April 3 – May 7

Rack up points by climbing as many routes as possible at the Power Plant and Steel Shop. Challenge yourself, break through plateaus, and maybe even take home a trophy and stellar prize pack. Register by April 2nd to secure a competitor tee. Sign up online, download KAYA, and we’ll invite you to the challenge on April 2nd.

Sign Up


Sign up for the division that best fits your skill level. You will not earn extra points for sending a route above your skill level.


5.8 – 5.10a


5.10b – 5.11b



How does scoring work?

You are awarded points for every route you send without falls or takes. The number of points you earn corresponds with the grade of each climb. For example, 5.8 is 800 points, 5.9 is 900 points, 5.10a is 1000 points, and so on. You can earn an extra 50 points for sending lead-only routes. Repeats do not count. Video evidence is strongly recommended but not required.


The top three competitors in each division will take home a prize pack.

1st Place

Come out on top to win a pair of So iLL shoes, chalk bag or bucket, and skin care bundle.

2nd Place

Take home second for a CSI apparel item, 10 oz of Friction Labs, and Rhino Skin bundle

3rd Place

Finish third for a $50 CSI Gift Card, water bottle with Skratch Labs, and 5 oz of Friction Labs.

Man Lead Climbs