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Our setting crew is changing its turnover strategy in order to deliver a more consistent, quality experience.

Beginning Tuesday, July 2nd, we will reset the boulder by zone every other week, and discontinue setting boulders by color on a weekly basis.

The Zone Breakdown

Zone Setting

More Boulder Problems

This new schedule will allow the crew to deliver approximately 16 to 20 boulders across the entire grade spectrum every other week, rather than 6 boulders each week which relies on a rotating spread and produces different grade distributions week-to-week. The crew will aim to produce between 12 and 15 boulders on the first day of turnover (Tuesday). The remaining 3 to 5 boulders will be filled in on the second day of turnover (Friday).

Faster Turnover

Second, the new schedule will create new boulders at a faster pace and in greater numbers than our current turnover schedule. Boulders will now have a 6-week shelf-life; currently, boulders have an 8-week shelf-life (approximately). Setting by zone will also provide the crew with a blank slate and more space to experiment creatively. This means the exact number of boulders may fluctuate, but the end result will be an elevated and diverse collection of challenges.

Consistency + Transparency

Finally, it will reduce the need to close the entire boulder during the setting process, provide consistency, and enhance transparency in our turnover schedule. Every week, the crew will work in either the bouldering area or the top rope and lead areas. This schedule will allow climbers who prefer one type of climbing over the other to plan ahead and account for which areas are being reset. This schedule will also provide more clarity as to which boulders are scheduled to turn over and when.

The Schedule

Zone Setting
Yusuf Daneshyar

Author Yusuf Daneshyar

Yusuf Daneshyar is the Program Director at Climb So iLL - with roles at the gym including routesetter, instructor, and coach. Over an 8-year climbing career, Yusuf has climbed in gyms and outdoor areas around the world.

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