Climb So iLL offers fundraising opportunities for schools, churches, and other organizations. We are dedicated to cultivating community by providing creative fundraising solutions for charitable causes. The proceeds from your fundraising efforts will directly benefit your cause.

Our Community Director will help you build a fundraising program from the ground up. Climb So iLL can host, design, and coordinate your charity event, ensuring that everyone has a magical experience. Partnering with Climb So iLL enables you to raise funds while encouraging your sponsors to participate in healthy activities.


If you are interested in a more hands on approach, we can provide discounted climbing passes for you to sell to your community. Your group will only be charged for the actual number of passes sold.

Retail Value of Day Pass with Rental Gear: $25 per pass

Your Cost for Day Pass with Rental Gear: $15 per pass

Your group sells the passes for any amount that you decide.

Each group must commit to a minimum of 20 “sold passes”.

The passes cannot be used on a single organized night.

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Select a day for open climbing.

Provide Climb So iLL with an approximate headcount.

Ask your guests to climb at the gym and mention your group’s name.

Climb So iLL charges the full price pass of $25 (includes day pass, shoes, and harness).

Climb So iLL gives your group $10 for every full price pass that is sold.

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