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The aim of Climb So iLL’s Youth Team is to raise young individuals as
responsible members of the community and to produce disciplined athletes.

We attempt to create an encouraging, supportive environment for our members and guests. For that reason, Climb So iLL serves as a positive learning environment not only during practice, but also during personal time spent at the gym. We believe that young people can grow and mature in this type of setting: as athletes, as students, and as members of their community.

During practice, team members receive a combination of one-on-one coaching and group-based instruction. While this approach allows coaches to help young climbers address their personal goals, it also gives them the opportunity to work with their peers. Practices are designed to introduce and refine climbing concepts, prepare climbers for competitions, and encourage critical thinking.


We are guided by the following three goals

Year One Highlights

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Price: $199/month

Three Two-Hour Practices per Week
Climb So iLL Membership (See Benefits)
Team Building/Outdoor Climbing Trips
1:3 Coach to Climber Ratio

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Our USA Climbing certified coaches have the knowledge and experience needed to help
team members grow, both as climbers and as individuals. Our coaches are CPR certified and
travel with team members to competitions.

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Yusuf Daneshyar

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Miranda Soule

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Anna Marshall




The Youth Team's First Competition

On Saturday, November 9th Team CSI competed in their first bouldering competition. The coaches stressed to the kids that the primary goal was to have fun, regardless of how well they climbed. Dave, Dan, and Ian, owners of the gym, wanted to make the first comp a memorable one by renting a limousine for the team. A surprise to the kids, this was a great way to help keep stress levels down and psych levels high. All of the prior training paid off; everyone had a great time and climbed exceptionally well.

Horseshoe Canyon Ranch

Team CSI Visits Horseshoe Canyon Ranch

Climbing has strongly directed our lives. Knowing how formative it has been for our personal experiences motivates us to create a similar experience for the kids. Recently, we were able to help the kids make the transition from the gym to the crag by taking them on their first outdoor trip. We spent an extended weekend at the Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in Arkansas exploring the outdoors, being open to new experiences, and ultimately growing closer as a team.

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