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Climb So iLL was designed to reflect its commitment to environmental responsibility. The adaptive reuse of the space ensured that many of the original elements of the Power Plant building would be preserved. In addition to reusing building materials, Climb So iLL has incorporated a variety of sustainable products, amenities, and elements into the facility.

The gym’s green initiative will help educate members of the community and promote environmental awareness in an effort to reduce waste.

Adaptive Reuse

Most of the Power Plant’s original structural steel was reused during construction. Other recycled or sustainable materials, such as car hoods and bamboo, were used to create custom countertops, cabinetry, and furniture.

Green Initiative

Climb So iLL aims to reduce waste by utilizing waterless urinals, hand dryers, water bottle refill stations, and paperless office solutions.

Natural Light

Natural lighting reduces Climb So iLL’s carbon footprint by minimizing the amount of electricity needed to illuminate the facility.

Alternative Transportation

Climb So iLL is located in a Community & Transportation Improvement District, making public transit an accessible and responsible alternative to driving.

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