At the end of the day, the only thing that matters in any indoor climbing facility is the routesetting. We are committed to providing our members and guests with the highest quality routes and turnover rate in the region. Through routesetting, we aim to create a healthy environment; one that fosters progression, builds confidence, and inspires growth. We’ll suffer for it so you can stay hungry for the sport we all love.

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Rouetesetting Director

Our routesetting director, John Oungst, is Level 4 certified with the USA Climbing organization. During his training, John studied under USAC Routesetting Committee Member Chris Danielson. John has spent the last 7 years setting in multiple gyms across the country and has also set for several competitive USAC events.

5.6 - 5.8: 6 Routes


5.9 - 5.10b: 21 Routes


5.10c - 5.11d: 15 Routes


5.12a+: 6 Routes


VB - V1: 17 Problems


V2 - V3: 15 Problems


V4 - V6: 18 Problems


V7+: 10 Problems