Adaptive Reuse

Climb So iLL aims to reduce waste by utilizing waterless urinals, hand dryers, water bottle refill stations, and paperless office solutions.

Green Initiative

Most of the Power Plant’s original structural steel was reused during construction. Other recycled or sustainable materials, such as car hoods and bamboo, were used to create custom countertops, cabinetry, and furniture.

Natural Light

Natural lighting reduces Climb So iLL’s carbon footprint by minimizing the amount of electricity needed to illuminate the facility.

Alternative Transportation

Climb So iLL is located in a Community Improvement & Transportation Development District, making public transit an accessible and responsible alternative to driving.



Our goal was to create a contemporary space that preserves the industrial character of the building. Each individual element, from floor finishes and color schemes to countertops and handrails, was designed from the ground up to fully realize our vision for the space.


Climb So iLL’s state of the art HVAC system continuously circulates, conditions, and cleans the air in the facility. The system suspends and removes chalk and dust in the air and ensures that the entire facility is heated and cooled evenly.


Climb So iLL engaged a theatrical lighting designer to create a unique and diverse lighting system. The space incorporates an eclectic blend of traditional and contemporary lighting solutions.


Lafayette Square

The Lafayette Square historical district is home to fine dining, entertainment, and numerous local business ventures.

Palladium St. Louis

Palladium Saint Louis is the ideal private event space for weddings, social gatherings, corporate functions, and more.

Georgian Condominiums

Located in the City Hospital, the Georgian Condominiums are luxury apartments with unparalleled views of the downtown skyline.


Element is a modern American restaurant that utilizes local ingredients and the perspectives of multiple chefs to elevate dishes to a new level.

A.T. Still University

The Missouri School of Dentistry & Oral Health was established in 2013. MOSDOH was founded to address the disparities in oral healthcare in Missouri and across the nation.


Now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Power Plant supplied power to the St. Louis City Hospital for nearly 50 years. The City Hospital complex is made up of several buildings including the Laundry Building, the Administrative Complex, the City Hospital itself, and the Power Plant.

The once abandoned City Hospital has been renovated into the Georgian Condominiums, the Laundry Building is now home to the Palladium Banquet Center, and Element restaurant shares the Power Plant building with Climb So iLL. Several other construction projects are underway on the site. Phase two brought a state of the art dental school to the City of St. Louis.

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