So iLL Showdown

The Showdown combines the athleticism of a traditional
Redpoint competition with a final feats-of-strength
Showdown among the event's top six performers.

First Visit

Climb So iLL features several different climbing areas,
each one specifically designed to accommodate varying
levels of experience and ability.

Youth Team

The aim of Climb So iLL’s Youth Team is to raise
young individuals as responsible members of the
community and to produce disciplined athletes.

Fitness Labs

Each lab focuses on a different aspect of physical
fitness in order to improve climbing performance by
providing a well-rounded approach.

Beta Fund

BETA Fund attempts to foster an appreciation for the
outdoors through environmental advocacy, educational
campaigning, and community service.


Climb So iLL: Grounded in experience. Dedicated to community.

We believe that real change begins with passionate individuals who are dedicated to serving their communities. Climb So iLL is a St. Louis urban destination aimed at educating, challenging, and inspiring individuals through a unique indoor rock climbing experience. Join us and connect to your community.

1. Fill Out Waiver

Everyone who enters the facility must fill out a waiver. Fill it out in advance to get climbing faster.

2. Check the FAQ

The FAQ contains answers to the most commonly questions asked by our first-time visitors.

3. Get Climbing

Climb So iLL is located in a historic power plant building just south of downtown St. Louis.

2014 So iLL Showdown

2014 So iLL Showdown

April 2014

Make Your Own Holds

Make Your Own Holds

April 2014

Route Setting

Route Setting

December 2012

A Closer Look

A Closer Look

October 2011

"The customer service at this place is top tier. I have to imagine if other places are a Hampton Inn, this place is the Bellagio. If you've always wanted to give climbing a shot, but have been too nervous... just get to this place."

− Angela

"I could say it's a great gym, but it's more like an awesome adult playground where cool kids go to hang out. The staff are upbeat, friendly, helpful, and most importantly, genuinely welcome to newcomers."

− Catherine

"Learning how to climb at Climb So iLL brought me back from the dead. This place clears your mind. Come here for the endorphins, stay for the empowerment."

− Matt

"Upon walking in you will be greeted with friendly faces. I don't think anyone in this place is unhappy. As a newb, you will feel instantly comfortable. If you have never tried indoor climbing, this would be a great gym to start at."

− Joselyn